G’day, I’m Mel. I’m on a mission to help ambitious entrepreneurs and business professionals to take centre stage, embrace the spotlight and present with more confidence, credibility and conviction.

During my 25 years working in business in various capacities, I’ve noticed so many business people doing themselves a disservice through ineffective pitches and presentations (or avoiding public speaking completely!) So I’ve developed a unique set of programmes for organisations and individuals to share with them confidence and communication tips I have learned over a lifetime of being on stage

Through my interactive keynotes, masterclasses and one to one sessions, you will learn tools and techniques to:

  • create a powerful pitch or presentation
  • build confidence and self-belief
  • connect with and engage an audience
  • use your body, voice and mind to enhance your communication
  • engage your heart and express yourself authentically
  • make an impact and ensure your message is memorable
  • avoid killing your credibility!

The art of delivering the perfect pitch is fundamental to business success. Having the ability to articulate a clear and concise message about your business and the potential solution you present will help you unlock the full potential of your business. Mel’s book is a fantastic guide that will help you produce and deliver that “perfect pitch” at every key stage of your business growth journey.
— Gordon Merrylees Head of Entrepreneurship – Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest & Ulster Bank