Wherever you work in business it's important to be able to communicate effectively.  My masterclass programmes are all designed to help entrepreneurs and business professionals to present with more confidence, credibility and conviction so that they can influence with impact.  

All sessions are tailored to the participants' needs to ensure the learning objectives are met.  They are highly interactive, lots of fun and incorporate accelerated learning techniques to help embed the knowledge and allow for a thorough understanding of the material covered.

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  • How to Create and Deliver a Pitchtastic Pitch
  • Credibility Killers... and How to Avoid Them
  • Power Up Your Presentation Skills

ABOUT THIS masterclass

Does your 30 second elevator pitch leave people confused about what you do? Do you hate standing up in front of people talking about yourself and your business? Do you worry that your pitch is boring, uninspiring and forgettable?

Regardless of who you are, where you work or what position you hold, the ability to confidently, clearly and concisely communicate who you are and what you do is crucial to your success.

This masterclass is based on Mel’s book "The Authority Guide to Pitching Your Business: How to make an impact and be remembered… in under a minute!"

Best audience

Entrepreneurs / startups / sole traders / network marketers / salespeople / business professionals in all sectors

Full Day Masterclass

  • develop a clear and compelling pitch that gets results
  • use Mel’s 3 step formula for a #pitchtastic pitch
  • apply techniques to engage an audience of 1 or 1000
  • utilise secrets to building rapport
  • manage nerves and present with confidence, credibility and conviction
  • improve your vocal delivery (learn how to have a golden voice with a silver tongue!)
  • use your body language to enhance delivery and engagement
  • discover the ‘pitchfalls’ that make your pitch fail, and how to avoid them
  • practice delivering your pitch and receive constructive feedback
  • ensure your pitch makes an impact and is remembered (for all the right reasons!)

    Half Day Masterclass

    • develop a clear and compelling pitch that gets results
    • understand Mel’s 3 step formula for a #pitchtastic pitch
    • techniques to engage an audience of 1 or 1000
    • manage nerves and present with confidence, credibility and conviction
    • discover the ‘pitchfalls’ that make your pitch fail, and how to avoid them
    • ensure your pitch makes an impact and is remembered (for all the right reasons!)

    Stewart Cruikshank.png
    We hired Mel because we had a need to improve the way in which we delivered presentations, anything from pitching for new work to presenting ideas to current clients. Mel gave us a clear structure and methodology. She was able to build up the confidence of the attendees by giving them a toolkit of things they could do to improve their ability to speak. They are now able to present confident that they have the right content, the right structure and the right skills to deliver a great presentation that gets results.
    — Stewart Cruickshank; Business Director, Storm ID
    Karen Somerville.png
    I attended 2 workshops with Mel both for help with pitching. They made me face a fear and so using her techniques, positive coaching, advice and supplementing that knowledge with her blog posts & social media. I managed a full 15 min presentation with no script - an achievement I was so proud of. Thank you Mel for changing my mindset.
    — Karen Somerville; Director, Angels’ Share Glass

    about this MASTERCLASS

    Are you aware of the unconscious messages you’re communicating? Do you know what impression you give when you first meet someone? Do you come across as credible and inspire confidence in the people you interact with?

    Sometimes we can inadvertently undermine our own professional credibility and sabotage our success if our language patterns and non-verbal cues aren’t congruent with our knowledge, skills and experience.

    Best audience

    Entrepreneurs / startups / sole traders / network marketers / salespeople / business professionals in all sectors

    Half Day Masterclass

    • Understand how credibility impacts your success in business
    • Discover the 5 key areas that are killing your credibility
    • Recognise the subconscious signals you transmit that impact on your credibility
    • Modify your language patterns to sound more confident
    • Understand the role your image plays in your interactions
    • Use your body effectively to help others understand you better
    • Improve your vocal delivery for more credible communication
    • Ensure you transmit the message you intend!

    Loved Mel’s presentation at last year’s Professional Speaking Association convention. Her content was compelling and her delivery magnificent. A woman after my own heart. Not afraid to add drama!
    Mel presented a great session on ‘Credibility killers and how to avoid them’ at the Professional Speaking Association Spring convention. She has a delightful and compelling style that also evidences her own credibility as a presentations skills expert. She shared numerous valuable and insightful tips, insights and examples during the session and the whole crowd loved it.
    — Mark Lee; Speaker and Author, Mark Lee Standout Success Strategies
    Paul Du Toit.png
    Mel is an absolute professional. If you’re looking for the right person to help you to get your team to be erudite and authentic about putting their message across, go no further than speaking to Mel.
    — Paul du Toit; International Speaker & Author, Presentation skills coach and trainer, CSP Global

    about this masterclass

    Are you ready to take your presentation skills to the next level?

    Are you okay at public speaking but know you could be better, or is your anxiety about presenting holding you back in your professional (or personal) life?

    Would you like to learn how to design and deliver a clear, confident and compelling presentation?

    Public speaking is a crucial skill in business and the great news is that everyone can learn to do it well. Presentation Skills masterclasses are tailored to the needs of your organisation and the requirements of individual participants.

    In a safe and supportive environment, participants will learn tools and techniques to:

    • weed out self-doubt and build confidence and self-belief
    • overcome fears and get butterflies to fly in formation
    • develop and deliver a clear and compelling presentation
    • use body, voice and mind to enhance the message
    • build rapport and engage an audience of 1 or 1000
    • look and feel calm, confident and credible
    • avoid the number one mistake most presenters make
    • ensure their presentations are remembered for all the right reasons!

    These masterclasses are delivered over 1 or 2 days depending on the requirements of your organisation and incorporate a selection of the modules outlined below. Participants have the option of being filmed and will receive constructive feedback in a supportive environment.

    To ensure every participant receives the maximum benefit from their attendance, masterclasses are limited to a maximum of 8 people.

    Best Audience

    Business professionals in all sectors

    Masterclass Modules:

    • What Makes an Effective Presentation?
    • Knowing Your Audience 
    • The Importance of Timing
    • Clarifying Your Objective
    • Planning Your Presentation
    • Structuring Your Content
    • Inspiring Introductions
    • Dynamic Conclusions
    • Using Visual Aids
    • Stage Presence
    • Stage Craft
    • Vocal Delivery
    • Posture and Body Language
    • Image and Appearance
    • Memorable Moments
    • Influencing with Impact
    • Stories that Stick
    • Preparation and Practice Techniques
    • Overcoming Nerves & Developing Self Confidence
    • Managing Q&A Sessions
    • Presentation Delivery and Feedback
    • Reflections and Action Plan
    Anna Scott.png
    Mel came highly recommended and delivered a workshop for us on pitch and presentation skills aimed at arts fundraisers. She worked with us to tailor the content appropriately for the audience and the feedback from participants was fantastic with lots of comments about what an engaging presenter Mel is. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Mel on this initiative and I would happily do so again should the opportunity arise.
    — Anna Scott; Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Arts & Business Scotland
    Lesley Pickles.png
    Presentations have always been a major fear factor and something I have avoided. I attended Mel’s Presentation Skills Training and found her to be an excellent trainer, extremely personable and so encouraging. A few weeks after the training I was asked to speak at an event at my work to 80+ people. On the day, whilst nervous, it didn’t come across and got excellent feedback. I couldn’t have achieved this without Mel’s training and the belief that she installed in myself to be a more confident and credible public speaker. Highly recommended.
    — Lesley Pickles; Business Advisor, Business Gateway