As an event organiser, you know how crucial it is to get the right speaker for your event. A speaker who engages, inspires and entertains while providing valuable takeaways for your audience.

That’s exactly what I do. I want to ensure that your event is a success, your audience is happy and you look good!

When you hire me to deliver a keynote speech, facilitate a breakout session or host your event I will work with closely with you to understand your objectives and incorporate the event themes in my delivery. As a pitch and presentation specialist with over 40 years of experience in front of an audience, you’re in safe hands. I deliver powerful content in a relaxed, fun and interactive style.

Plus, if you like, I will help to promote your event by creating a short promo video, sharing your event via my social media channels or providing an interview or copy for your newsletter or website.

My Taking Centre Stage programmes are all designed to help entrepreneurs and business professionals to present with more confidence, credibility and conviction.

Scroll down for details on my most popular talks:

  • How to Create and Deliver a Pitchtastic Pitch
  • How to Have a Golden Voice with a Silver Tongue
  • Credibility Killers... and How to Avoid Them
  • Off Stage Secrets for On Stage Speaking Success

Evelyn McDonald.png
We were delighted to engage Mel Sherwood as our compere at the Scottish EDGE Round 10 Final. This isn’t an easy gig as the compere has to fill a five minute gap between each of the 20 pitches. Mel came up with interesting, informative and humorous ways to do this ensuring strong engagement with the audience throughout the day and then finished the day with a specially penned song! Mel’s warm and friendly personality also made her a real pleasure to work with.
— Evelyn McDonald; CEO, Scottish EDGE

about this TALK

Does your 30 second elevator pitch leave people confused about what you do?

Do you hate standing up in front of people talking about yourself and your business?

Do you worry that your pitch is boring, uninspiring and forgettable?

Regardless of who you are, where you work or what position you hold, the ability to confidently, clearly and concisely communicate who you are and what you do is crucial to your success.

This talk is based on Mel’s book "The Authority Guide to Pitching Your Business: How to make an impact and be remembered… in under a minute!"

Best Audience

Entrepreneurs / startups / sole traders / network marketers / salespeople / business professionals in all sectors


45 min keynote; up to 2 hour breakout session (CLICK HERE for details of half or full day masterclass)

Learning Outcomes

  • develop a clear and compelling pitch that gets results
  • use techniques to engage an audience of 1 or 1000
  • manage nerves and present with confidence, credibility and conviction
  • ensure your pitch is remembered (for all the right reasons!)

Nabil Doss.png
I had the privilege of attending Mel’s session in South Africa and I was amazed at how strongly she connects with her audience! Mel is charismatic, engaging, knowledgeable, and riveting. A true professional. I would highly recommend her expertise to any organisation who wants to develop their teams’ presentation skills to create powerful pitches and outstanding results.
— Nabil Doss; Expert in Influential Communication, 2016-2017 President of the Global Speakers Federation

about this Talk

With so much sales training focusing on product knowledge, the sales process and hitting your targets, there is one crucial element that could be sabotaging your sales success without you even realising it… your voice.

Like it or not, people make judgements about you based on the way you sound including how trustworthy, believable and confident you are. Your voice is your most powerful sales tool but are you using it effectively?  In this talk, you’ll learn how to combine a golden voice with your silver tongue… for platinum sales.

WARNING: This session is fun and interactive; you may even find yourself singing (but any note that’s different to Mel’s is considered a harmony so it’s all good!)


Salespeople / entrepreneurs / startups / sole traders / network marketers / business professionals in all sectors


30 min keynote up to 1.5 hour breakout session

Learning Outcomes

  • understand the power of your voice in sales conversations and presentations
  • discover 5 vocal mistakes that can immediately kill your credibility
  • key techniques to ensure your voice is richer, freer and more expressive
  • how to care for and strengthen your voice
  • tips and tools for greater vocal impact leading to more sales

Polly Middlehurst.png
Need everyone to sit up and listen at your seminar? Mel’s style is a breath of fresh air...inspirational, fun and interactive as she gets everyone laughing their way through essential business networking skills. Excellent tips on presenting yourself well, overcoming public speaking jitters not to mention lifting the bonnet on techniques in pacing delivery. Good to work alongside you, Mel
— Polly Middlehurst; Events Host and former Sky News Presenter

about this TALK

Are you aware of the unconscious messages you’re communicating?

Do you know what impression you give when you first meet someone?

Do you come across as credible and inspire confidence in the people you interact with?

Sometimes we can inadvertently undermine our own professional credibility and sabotage our success if our language patterns and non-verbal cues aren’t congruent with our knowledge, skills and experience.

Best Audience

Entrepreneurs / startups / sole traders / network marketers / salespeople / business professionals in all sectors


45 min keynote up to 2 hour breakout session (CLICK HERE for details of half day masterclass)

Learning Outcomes

  • recognise the subconscious signals you send that impact on your credibility
  • make changes to your language patterns so you sound more confident
  • use your body, voice and mind to help others understand you better
  • ensure you transmit the message you intend!

Patricia Fripp.png
Loved Mel’s presentation at last year’s Professional Speaking Association convention. Her content was compelling and her delivery magnificent. A woman after my own heart. Not afraid to add drama!
— Patricia Fripp CSP CPAE; Presentation Expert and Past President, National Speakers Association, USA

about this TALK

How do you prepare for an important pitch or presentation?

Are you focusing only on the content and missing out on vital preparation that will help to bring your message to life?

Often it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it that determines whether your audience will listen to you.

Just like an athlete warms up before a race, so should presenters warm up their communication tools before appearing in front of an audience.

Best audience

Entrepreneurs / startups / sole traders / network marketers / salespeople / business professionals in all sectors


30 min keynote up to 1.5 hour breakout session

Learning Outcomes

  • prepare your body so you can move and gesture with impact
  • develop your voice so that it is stronger, freer and more expressive
  • remain calm, centred and focused when presenting
  • ensure your butterflies fly in formation!

Danielle Trudeau.png
Mel has been our speaker coach for TEDx Portobello for the past three years providing 1:1 support and facilitating our masterclass. Mel’s confidence and experience means that the masterclass is supportive, open and encouraging. In 2017 Mel was also a compere for our TEDx event providing the perfect welcome and guiding the live audience through the day. We would recommend Mel for all things speaking and also for her compere skills.
— Danielle Trudeau; Founder Tribe Porty and TEDx coordinator