19 Benefits of Being Good at Public Speaking

Though most of us have the ability to speak, many are not able to speak well when in front of a group people. Yet, being comfortable and confident when speaking in public has the potential to enrich your life both professionally and personally. In fact, people who do speak well are predominantly more successful in life and work than those who don’t. Public speaking is not something that necessarily comes naturally to everyone, but like many other things, it is a skill that can and arguably should be learned. It doesn’t necessarily mean standing in front of an audience, but it can also include when you’re commenting in meetings or other at gatherings.

Being able to speak well in public will:

  1. Improve your personal and professional reputation
  2. Increase your influence in decision making processes
  3. Help you to gain the trust and respect of others
  4. Provide an increase in personal confidence and self esteem
  5. Enable you to be seen as an expert in your field
  6. Provide an opportunity to promote yourself and your business positively
  7. Help you to develop the ability to articulate ideas and persuasive arguments
  8. Allow you to demonstrate poise and leadership skills
  9. Help you to stand out from the crowd and be memorable
  10. Eliminate the fear of being asked to ‘say a few words’
  11. Improve your job and promotion prospects
  12. Help you to gain publicity for your business
  13. Enable you to inspire and motivate others
  14. Help you to engage people at networking events
  15. Provide an understanding of how to use your body and voice effectively in all situations
  16. Ensure you think about your entire image and take pride in the way you present yourself
  17. Enable you project credibility and inspire confidence in others
  18. Help you to handle questions and answers
  19. Lead to you experiencing the buzz from entertaining and informing a responsive and appreciative crowd

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