Do you fear public speaking? Want to develop your confidence and learn how to manage your nerves? If you are interested in this programme, I will email you a questionnaire to complete so that we can agree how many sessions you will need to achieve your objectives. Then during our sessions we will gently explore your communications challenges and build your confidence and self-belief so that those butterflies fly in formation.

**Available in person in Edinburgh, Scotland or online via zoom or skype

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I continually avoided public speaking for almost 20 years due to lack of confidence, nervousness and feeling outwith my comfort zone. I didn’t realise there were coaches available but then I saw some quality presenters at an event and I realised that with the right coach I could do it too.

As a result of working with Mel I have significantly improved confidence, numerous tips and ideas and a lot less fear of the process. I also have more of a structure to my presentations and recognise the importance of eye contact, stance and what I do with my hands. Mel made it feel natural; I liked her friendly and constructive approach, and she really took the time to understand and listen at the start and throughout.

Recently I had to pitch to two investors on behalf of another company and both investors said they loved it and gave us an offer. I know I’m still far from an expert, but I hope this shows what a great job Mel did! I would not hesitate to recommend Mel and I look forward to working with her more in the future.
— Craig R; Company Director