What happens in a coaching session?

I'm often asked what happens in a coaching session and the answer is ‘it depends.’ I work with each individual client to meet their specific needs and this is established and agreed at the beginning of a session. Some clients have a specific pitch or presentation they are preparing for and need some guidance on the structure, content or delivery. We will work through it to ensure that the message is clear, concise and appropriate to the intended audience. If is the delivery that requires work, we will look at how you can use your voice, body and mind to engage your audience and enhance your message. I’ll provide tools and techniques for increasing your stage presence, using effective gestures and incorporating vocal variety.

Other clients may come to a coaching session to overcome their fear of public speaking or seeking ways to effectively manage their nerves. If that’s the case, I’ll ask some questions to help us get an understanding of where the fear or nerves are stemming from. I often use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques which are extremely effective in creating powerful shifts in perspective and mindset. NLP techniques are also great for ‘anchoring’ feelings so that you can access your desired state at any time; for example you might want to anchor feelings of confidence and calm. As I have a background as a performer I also use techniques from the stage which include relaxation and deep breathing to help with focus and presence, and using your nerves to bring positive energy to your presentation.

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