How to Stand Out, Make an Impact and Be Remembered (when you sometimes just want to hide)

How often have you found yourself feeling bored and uninspired? Struggling to get motivated? Lacking in energy, creativity and drive? If the answer is never, then you’re one of the lucky few!

Most of us will feel like we’ve lost our mojo at some point. Whether we’re in business for ourselves or we’re an employee in an organisation, this can impact significantly on how we present ourselves, and therefore, how others perceive us.

This happened to me last year when I was going through a bit of a rough time emotionally and I realised that somehow the creative, inspired, enthusiastic, positive me had vanished. Despite the fact that from the outside things looked great - my business was still going well, I had bought and renovated a flat and I had just got myself a cute red convertible car - I was feeling pretty low. I was struggling to get motivated at work and home. I couldn’t get excited about driving my new car. And I had stopped wearing my red lipstick… which sounds frivolous I know, but I wear it when I feel good and I wear it when I want to feel good.

My business is all about how to present yourself to make an impact and be remembered and my red lipstick is one of the things I’m known for. So when I got to the point that I couldn’t even contemplate wearing lipstick, let alone consider getting out and making an impact to promote my business I knew something needed to change.

What I didn’t realise is that it would be so simple.

I was speaking about it to a good friend from the Professional Speaking Association, Jeremy Nicholas, and at the end of a very long conversation he gave me some straightforward advice. He suggested that I put on my red lipstick and go for a drive in my red car. He said I needed to stop feeling blue and just be more ‘red’.

We had a little laugh as we ended our conversation, but shortly afterwards I started to think much more deeply about what being more ‘red’ actually meant. And what I realised was that for various reasons I had somehow disconnected from all the things I enjoyed doing and was good at; this resulted in me feeling like I had lost the essence of me and that meant I wasn’t presenting my best self to the world. So being more ‘red’ simply meant being more of myself.  

Have you ever felt like you didn’t want to put yourself out there? Maybe it was because you had disconnected from who you are. Being more ‘red’ is about getting back to who you are at your core and leaning into that, embracing you and your amazingness and sharing that with the world. Because when you do, a whole lot more happens. You’re more positive, more productive, more engaged, more engaging, more influential, more persuasive, more visible, more fun, more successful (whatever that means to you).

Being more ‘red’ Is about identifying the positive things about you that make you stand out, be noticed and remembered – it’s about being your unique self and expressing that authentically.

Of course, this will be different for everyone.  And the colour red represents something different for everyone too. Which is why I then started to think about R.E.D. as an acronym.

Take a look at the image below.

Be More RED

What words jump out at you? Would you like to be more Resilient, Enchanting and Distinctive? Maybe being more Radical, Enthusiastic and Determined resonates. What would being more Remarkable, Engaging and Daring look like for you? Obviously, this list is not exhaustive so maybe you’d like to choose your own shade of RED.

Ever since I started thinking about being more ‘red’ and choosing my shade of R.E.D. every day, it has completely changed how I show up in the world. I decide what R.E.D. elements of me that I want to share in each situation. Simply selecting three words puts me in the right mindset to deliver a powerful talk, have a productive meeting, engage people at networking events or pick up the phone to speak with a prospective client.

I’m super excited about how the Be More R.E.D. methodology can help people to present the best version of themselves and be remembered (for all the right reasons).

As an introduction to the new programme I am creating, I have developed The R.E.D. Effect 5 Day Challenge which starts on 27 May. I’m looking for 50 people to join me and I’d love you to be one of them.

What you get:

•       Daily videos direct to your inbox

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•       Template to create your own #BeMoreRED strategy that will change the way you feel, how others perceive you and ensure you are remembered (for all the right reasons!)

A warm fuzzy feeling that you’re supporting a great cause (it’s just £20 to take part and all proceeds go to Classroom of Hope)

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